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About Us

Tony Urban started Home Style Painting in 2001, with the intention of doing the best paint job possible, using the best products available, and at a competitive price. That is why we do not spray, but apply the paint by roller and brush. We feel we can apply a heavier coat of paint and work it into the surface. Not only do we use more paint in this application manner, but we are going to leave the customer with a deeper, richer appearance, and the paint job will last longer. We will also use the best paint available, sometimes it may not be the most well known brand, but a paint that is not only reasonably priced, but will be the best for the surface that we are painting. Not one paint is applicable for every surface application.  We continuously keep up on all products out there, we will try new products, and when something better comes along, we use it.

When we paint the exterior, we will always pressure wash the surface first, and allow it to dry completely before painting. In doing prep work, we do a lot of caulking of cracks, gaps, open seams around siding, doors  and windows. We want to leave not only a great paint job, but a protective finish against the elements of the weather; sun, rain, wind, dirt, etc.

All of our employees are experienced painters, usually a minimum of 20 years experience, so they know, and understand how to do the best job rolling and brushing a house. We do not have time to teach someone how to paint a house in a day or a week, each of our painters experience allows us to spend our time concentrating on doing the best job for our customers.

Usually in the Northwest the exterior painting season is from April to the end of September. Paints and associated products are temperature sensitive, we do not paint in the rain, and I have seen, painters painting in the winter when it is snowing. You will not have any of that with Home Style Painting Company. If we do not have the proper conditions, we do not paint, sometimes we have to wait out rain, and temperatures before we could continue painting.

If you need help with choosing colors, we can give you assistance from our experience, to help you make a good choice, especially if you are changing colors, there is no extra charge for this service.

Most times when doing a change in colors, we suggest putting a large sample of the new color on the house, preferably in a non-conspicuous area, and looking at it for a few days, under different lighting conditions. We hate to arrive with 20 gallons of paint, and have a customer change their mind at that time. So we make sure before we arrive to begin painting, that a new color has been approved by the customer.

With our method, we may not be able to paint a house in a day or two, it will likely take us up to a week or two, our intention is to do the best paint job possible. We don't rush to get a job done, but work at making sure everything is done correctly, to leave a very satisfied customer with a great looking house. Before we are done, we walk around a house many times to make sure we took care of everything possible. Then we can feel proud we did the best we could, that's what makes us different at Home Style Painting Company. That is what sets us apart from other painting companies. This is why every summer we are booked up, our customers know what a good paint job is, and know the value of a good paint job.

Tony Urban and his employees will work diligently on every house to do the best job possible, that's why we have so many satisfied customers, and that is why you should give Tony a call for a free fully written estimate, or for any questions you have for him.

Contact Tony Urban directly at 360-941-7188 or via email at tony@homestylepainting.biz. You can also go to the Contact Page, and send an e-mail for more information.

Home Style Painting Company thanks you for learning more about us, about how we do business, and how we can assist you with your painting needs.
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